It is burning in and out

Summer is sick, sucking my pot

The pool is filled, water sprouting high

Lemons are nil , everybody’s hands up.

There in the beach the sand is hot

That couple can’t sit neither stand and talk.

Old lady in that house, carrying water in interval

Peeping in, she is saving her roses , for her vicennial

The salon is full, surprised? That’s my new style

Time for cricket, don’t disturb me for a while

Summer isn’t harm, dad ordered stay at home

My friends are yelling off away,to alien lands,

With a lemonade ,jumped I on the pouch

He stood tall, 300 pages is this book that’s all

The yellow leaves still faded,

How much I tried my little plants died

Mid day movies, careless drives, cricket in the box

Sticky summer still ,Ended the day in the inox

Again awating the warm night.

Its burning in and out.


By, umanidhi


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