lOve and lIfe-2

Sanjeev stood away trying to leave them for a while. Piyush  isn’t brave enough to look at her..

How are you? She questioned ,there was so much pain in her voice..he felt it..

i……im fine… how r you?

I didn’t expect to see you again..ever again..

Yes… I didn’t either… wat what are you doing now? (his voice isn’t strong)

Well… im., she is about to reply but a call distracted him…. His mobile was ringing, he cut the call..

Piyush , im doing CA course… her voice was normal

But you wanted to take the air hostess training..,

Life isn’t always what we want it to be, she replied… there were many answers in that single line.

sudha. can I get your mobile number, only if you don’t mind..he asked with little fear.. wondering how a relation with so closeness, now has miles of distance between..

Yes.. there mobiles had new bytes stored…

I got to go now.. I felt good to see you piyush.. bye bye.,

Bye..n thanks.., replied with a glare..

He left out of the library and she was going in… there life was always like this.. their destinations aren’t same… their goals aren’t… neither their thoughts… but they fell in love.. what an irony. maybe that’s true opposite poles attract…. But nobody care’s how the internal repulsions…play which makes the difference.

His priorities for life has changed as time went on.., he wanted to be a successful man, he wanted no reason to be a hurdle for there happy life together…but he couldn’t make her understand this… he hurt her very badly with his words and the thread broke…

.He drove a restaurant ,home isn’t a perfect place to stay away, from these thoughts..

Sanjeev tried to ask , there was kinda happiness in his face.. he was is on the cloud 9 to see her again.. his last desire was to see her…before he leave home for iim… he is so happy that he saw her,,trying to avoid anything else, anything else which disturbs him from this beautiful feeling.. he was ideal..

But still he got distracted.. his mobile started ringing..

It was her.. SUDHA..

The conversation was very formal .and didn’t last long… as they count speak in the library..her mom was always there with her..and it ended.

The sun set, the stars were on the top… holding his mobile in his hands,

Should I call her..? no.. forget it… she might be committed to som1 else.. no..she might not be.. but.. I may go down in her eyes.. what matters… she must be hating me now.. I think I should not call her..well..but..

He  was still in a confusion..his mobile did ring again..

It was her again..

He lifted it with happiness and fear…


Hi piyush.., what kinda conversation wil two people who met after years could hav? Non on the phone are speaking..but it was proved that vodafone is a good network..:P

I want to tell you something, he took time to speak…. Well I want to meet you… I think .. a…tomorrow..

Y do u want to meet me?

I told you.. I have to talk .. with the same harshness in his voice like years back.. she could feel it..

When? She isn’t excited nor angry.. he didn’t understand wat was in her mind.

I think tomorrow.. I can make it in the morning … 6 ..will that be fine?

Okay.. sure.,, she remembered the way they used to go for a morning walk..she didn’t let him kno watt is in her mind..she called him to clear up..somthing in her mind.. wch is bothering her since years..

Thank you.. thank you



With a big sigh.. he threw the mobile on the bed.. pretending to sleep… shutting the lights..

He saw wat all happened.. he has been regretting since years… I could hav spoke to her.. after we broke up.. atleast msged her, Im such a nerd.. I could hav atleast tried to find her out. Why didn’t i? he cursed him self.. how will I face her tomorrow? What will I answer her ? y hav I come back again?

time passed on, the night was longer… he is happy,,, sad… all feelings together…

did he tell her…what he wanted to?? next post plz..:P

wat did she tell him? which stunned him..?!


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