lOvE and lIfe -1

Just a walk outside dad..i shall com in a while…

Piyush, called his dad.. should I accompany you?

No I shall come bak soon..

come fast its already 11.. sleep early.

Yes dad.. shutting the door slowly he walked out..

Something made him feel gloomy.. the little breeze was irritating, the moon changed to blue…not even knowing the reason for his woebegone…he walked long..with his hands in his pocket..with small strides..

He was distracted from the tranquil when his mobile started ringing….

Abey I got to go to library tomorrow..yu wanna com with me?? Got to submit a book…

It was sanjeev, his best buddy…

Ahh.. ya..sure… com home tomorrow… we will go.. then..

Hey by the r ur mom n dad…they must be dam happy today na?? when r yu giving me a party?? Yaar you tho.. luckey guy.. so atlast you got it …

Thanks sanjeev.. (he didn’t give back many words)

Chalo.. cyu tomorrow then.

Ya bye..

Walking back home after his leisured walk , he opened the door silently..observing his dad on the divan, and the couple of papers in his hands, he was sleeping, sleeping with a little smile on his face, a proudly smile.. Trying not to disturb him, he was walking in… he bent to take the papers from his dad’s hands..switching off the lights..he went to his room…

he is proud, he was blessed with a seat in iim..he is selected… but y isn’t he not satisfied with tat…

I was trying to get this and when it is in my hands y am I not happy..he thought. He kept those papers on his desk..and tried to end the day by catching some ZZZ…’s.

Piyush?? Sanjeev was praying that  his dad shouldn’t be out..

Hello uncle… is he at home?... he asked politely

Sanjeev… ? you rnt coming home these day?

Vo tho… just … tat uncle(wat ans could he giv for that qus)

Piyush came out of his room.. they left

Arey y does ur dad always bothers abt me?? He stares at me as if im some stupid being on earth..

Chill yaar.. u kno him na.. now ride slow else my life will b in danger

Sanjeev parked his bike along the curve.. the library isn’t so crowed. Just with half dozen more bikes.

See tats y I hate to com to ur home..(rushing towards the steps)ur dad always loves to take classes to me.

But wat does this hav to do?yu have come almost late

Not almost late… its too late.. (sanjeev was never an athletic but in his life he must hav done things more better if he is an athletic )sanjeev rushed in..

Walking along the stare case …piyush pushed the glass door .. moving in unwantedly.. its just before the huge glass , his past is before him…

.He couldn’t step in , the same face,the same smile, she was trying to avoid the hair falling on her,he moved back with a sigh.the silence in the library is disturbing him, just a few steps away from him she was there ,  along the corner of the table…in royal blue.. She was giggling, moving her eyes over the pages in that book.. he coudnt speak, he is stuck …y am I stuck? . What will be the situation of someone who has seen her love after 2 years.? It is hard.. What will he do?? All the illusions hit him at once. The first time he saw her ,the way she used to stare at him with so much love in her eyes, how she gets confused , her anger,the first kiss, the day he left her with tears.. he could see all the illusions… hit him one after another…. He had no words… wat is this? Is it happiness? Guilt? Wat is it?? A sphinx smile came on his face… he tried to move inside..

Piyush? My work is done.. chalo.. holding another bunch of books sanjeev said.

He is still staring at her. The same beautiful eyes.. the same smile..

Sanjeev looked at him,wondering what is making him behave abnormal ….. and then he saw her…. sudha??? God.. sudha?!!! Am I dreaming.. y is she here?? N how come she is here?? He is shocked even.. wondering wat is going to happen…

He tried to support piyush.. r you fine?? Will you go and talk to her?? But wat will you talk.. she will slap you.. no  she will kill you.. i… (he is so surprised ) with a turn again.. piyush… dam , man..! she is with her mom.. I just… he neither has words

He is still staring at her…. It’s been 2 long years he has seen her …he will have to answer many questions,…if he dared to meet her, talk to her, listen to her.

Piyush come we will go, sanjeev tried to take him out. With a sudden thud.. a girl with many books, slipped and all the books are down..  the silence broke ,every body gave her a look, the girl is busy piling them again.. all the eyes are again back to their work.. but..

She saw him… she saw him with the same strength in his eyes… standing high. he is in brown n blue faded jeans..

He knew she saw him he coudnt take this… he stepped back and went out…

Piyush, leave it , she must be committed by now… she will not forgive you… come we will go home.sanjeev became a pessimistic.

Sanjeev chalo..we will leave.but he didn’t speak what he thought.. he knew she would come out..he strongly knew it.. and she did.. .

see the next post.. how was the meet…!

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