perfect! is just a word !

Since my 19 years i have been searching for everything perfect ,perfect toys, perfect knowledge, perfect room, perfect friend, perfect everything, but nothing in this world is perfect! nothing!

read this again! NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT! am i right? when we start searching for things which are perfect! we lose many around which may not be  best for others , but we may  really need those.

did i say take everything for granted? no,cause one day you will find somthing lost in ur bliss,  it hits your strength, never lets out your inner courage! why not take a chance and show off, turn the sour lemon into a lemonade , not just some sweet sugar water.

show off, only then people will know what you are,? i am not pointing to die hard for fame! just let the world know . only cause “you deserve it” . why lose an opportunity?

if anything is gone! is there anyone to promise yu i will get it back? NO. the shadow of this word “perfect ” has a diff meaning. being perfect is also a sin, what “will” yu find in life when yu turn back and see. ? what you “want” to find in life when you turn back and see? its just happiness, memories, love, satisfaction, and a drop of happy tear which rolls down our old cheek.  live life with full gusto, live like you arnt brave enough to be a coward.

steal the show, walk like you are from heaven, flamboyance your life, the only reason, its “your” life.


8 thoughts on “perfect! is just a word !

  1. “live like you arnt brave enough to be a coward”…..I like it soo much…

    Let me add another sentence to ur topic…”perfect!”
    “Instead of wishing someone or something was perfect, why not celebrate the perfection of their imperfection?”

  2. i agreee uma…..dis is really something dat everyone shud realise…….
    searching for something whch is not possible to be found is waste specially whn u r loosing all d happiness in present….
    keep going uma u r great at connecting wid ppl…..through ur writings….:D:)

  3. Gr8 Grand daughter mayb…
    anyways gr8 post uma…a bit over d top…but very gud…
    i think i heard ppl flew in heaven 😛

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