Beauty – my definition!

defines beauty as physical attractiveness, Merriam defines beauty as  a pleasurable feeling which exalts mind and spirit. how does you define beauty? being beautiful, elegant, splendid, eye catching…why does one want to look beautiful? is it caz we want every eyes on us, or beauty is a jargon used by layman to satisfy his critical heart ?

it was in the hard ,tough,wrinkled  hands of an old man who gave his only bread meal to the lonely boy beside , in his hands, i found beauty! poorly beautiful.  when i walked along the dark street an evening encountered a mother feeding milk to her unhealthy child with tears in her eyes, i found beauty! happily beautiful .sara the little girl who bruised her knee again n again trying to climb the other side of the fence. she gave a big smile when she is done.  i found beauty! successfully beautiful. 

beauty is an incredible hormone which excites our senses our mind and soul. it is an charismatic mystery. is this a positive feeling? i say YES.  all along the things i encountered , the way i felt it, left me feel good. may be kinda happiness. it never hurt me. your perspective  is all what matters!  the world looks true and happy at one tick of time, the same world looks scary and you lose hope at another second. what is it all about?? isn’t the world same?? it is.. your attitude has just changed its step.

beauty makes you feel blessed. you dont need to look gorgeous with a hour glass figure, checking every weekend asking your boyfriend did i put on weight?  beauty is accepting WHO you are, knowing WHAT you are, appreciating the fact of incredible you! trying to present the best in you, satisfaction, and a smile no matter what is behind that beam.

the mind is a prowess conduit. i feel terribly bad when i am left with nothing visible to my clairvoyant attitude and the verdict- i never found my definition and keep on wandering in the bushes in my mind as a nomad.  i feel beautiful when my mascara doesn’t get  smugged at the end of the day. i feel beautiful when  i see a smile on my dads face after my long fight with him. i feel beautiful when he appreciates me though i know he is lying.i feel beautiful when my 99th photograph comes best and i decide to print it. i feel beautiful when i score in my semesters.  now for the real beauty i have so many definitions…what is your tag?

in this circle of limitless knowledge and limitless choices it is so confusing to define something and its definition changes it course before the first meaning reaches the last person.

dedicated to you, the beautiful person who now decides to good bye the bottles in the bathroom shelf , and spends time with myself rather than on myself.




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