INFOSYS INTERVIEW: who wants to be an infoscion ?

As an excited woman, the sound of rain drops, the petrichor and also seetu sir’s classes.. were exciting to me.. then why wont be my first interview? (not exactly first maybe I should call it first in college) I was thrilled rather overwhelmed, tensed and what not! There came an announcement Infosys is the first to enter placements said mayank.. An incredible volunteer of avdhani sir! The truth is I don’t know what incredibility avdhani sir can squeeze out of anyone! Seriously he has done his best bearing all tensed heads doubts, especially mine :P.

Firstly I ran for my interview file! Black or blue? No black looks professional.. naa I shall carry blue pen. My ambiguity got carried away like tintin runs for his adventures. Though am no tintin, still I could end up with a not so ridiculous decision what to take and what not from the huge set of certificate I so called “achieved”. This certificates proud feeling would last till you earn a couple of jobs I swear! 😛  I would say.. Dress in formals.. Though I choose my lucky pink and blue salwaar with my spects on. Guys formals are must! I know formal has one synonym for guy’s n enormous for girls. I pity them. Most importantly remember to google the company and learn about it.

The big time news which hit like a zephyr, I should call it wow. Infosys has NO technical interview. Well some people (nerds especially) said WHAT, guess it’s a bad feeling though. The morning was bright enough to make a pond out of my sweat. The sizzling sun, then I remembered yummy scoops! Akhila said… uma we came for an interview. As always like she was there when am tensed to calm me down and when am down to kick me up! But scoops and interview! I choose interview, I had to. Actually I was forced to.

The huge room which can space 500 was filled like it can space no more. We people got jumbled and sat down few with biting lips, few with big sighs and few with oh I see attitudes. Don’t ask me how I felt. I didn’t understand what to feel sighting those many feelings. Soon we stopped gossiping when a bunch of people entered the room accompanied by avdhani sir.  He said they are from Infosys. We stared at them like they are from a new planet.

A man shouted.. shall we start guys!

We thought start what..?we have been waiting here since 9:00 am and you wanna ask when its 10:00 !!  well.. still said YES with a bang!

I am Mr..A (sorry I dnt remember his name, but ya he was handsom though.:P) the HR of Infosys recruitment team. These are my colleagues, and he introduced one after another professionally.

The presentation was on. There came everything which a student need to know on the wall.. well that was admiring.. Except the pay.. which was 3 lpa. he sipped his cup of tea. Gave a brief intro about everything he can. The company. Who works. What goes on. What are the career stages. I guess mostly everything.

So now we will pass on to the written test.. he announced. Our hearts started thundering. Ok! He left for distributing the papers and everyone started settling in order.

The paper was, well it was white with decent black dots elegantly n ravishingly designed on it. Oops ! sorry..:P

It had four sections..

1. quantitative – you got to do this section fast which needs practice. Since I and few of my friends were Cat students we could do it well! And fast.

2. Verbal – this needs an average English knowledge, again CAT n gre students have done it comparatively well.

3. Reading comprehension.

4. Logical reasoning simple logical reasoning questions.

I would rather suggest you to practice few questions or solve few papers. As I said CAT n gre students really did well! Students who are good at technical skills were put down if their analytical skills are low. No matter what!. When questioned WHY?, the infosian said.. We at Infosys teach from the scrap so we need minds who are ready to learn n analyze not just learn.

The test was over in some 45 mins. TASK ACCOMPLISHED!. They have taken the papers for manual connection. A tall man again became visible through his voice which said… results will b out at 2:00pm please land on the same place. We spread places. Few were settled on the benches. Now its 1:00 pm just another hour. I was there in the class itself. Who was feeling hungry.? Nobody can and will.

At 2 30pm another human entered the big room. I only knew its human. My mind understood I was hungry now. My eyes are closed. Deepthi sitting next beside me.. started patting me hard on my sholder.. uma.. uma he has a paper in his hands! Paper.. ! I gave him a sharp glance.

He started reading out! MAN!  He is reading the selected list names! Few minds past.. the list is over.. those whose names were out.. left with smiling faces.. actually ran.. ran where ? I didn’t bother.

In twenty more mins… another paper came! The so called LIST.. he read them out! My name wasn’t thr!!

What the F***! Am I so worthless.. I felt so ashamed! More surprised… then came list 4. Again- my name wasn’t there. My anxious mind.. made me call ! I called up the volunteers. dude.. how many more papers are there ? they are few more.. he said. I could hear the rustling of papers.

In another 20 mins ! the list 5 has turned up.. it was 8:15.. I thought will I reach home today! The same man.. who made us wait for so long.. whom I cursed so hard.. shouted.. ch uma nidhi. I attended yes sir.. ! The Godzilla now looked like a saint to me. I ran just like everyone else whose names were called not knowing where.

Another guy at the entrance pointed out, please go to the women’s engineering building you have an interview round there! I stressed ‘NOW?’ He stressed back ‘yes NOW!’ I walked.. Actually ran.. Now an interview.. I lost my hunger again.. Thinking how will I face the interviewer now! Am looking like a dog who just played football in mud (I don’t know if dogs play football) and there is no water to least wash my face! I grinned at myself.

Everything was going in an order. People are in line. Few rooms lit and seriousness all around. There were people to help, to learn where you have to walk towards, to me  where I have to run towards.

I was stopped by a dark colored human! Sit down.. he ordered. I sat down on the bench outside those lit rooms, waiting for my call. A couple of students also got added up in few seconds beside me.  A student just rushed out.

I asked him out of more anxiety and less concern.. How was the interview? What did he ask.. he said.. well I am from ece.. So he questioned me about how I like my subject ? my hobbies ? what projects have I done ?

I thought oh.. not too scary.. he added.. but he said… you are not worth..! I gasped! What? He said it on your face I enquired. He said yes, trying to goodbye our so called discussion. It was my turn next! I was waiting and just waiting.. he called ch uma. I rose up! The same dark man.. helped me with my file and pleaded, He wants to have his tea can you wait a moment.. WHAT ? I gasped again.. TEA now!! Did anyone promise the god that I should have a heart stroke. With that hidden, oh no no problem at all smile on my face I said sure..

the studious uma in me.. Wanted to use the time and know something out of nothing. I asked the man.. sir, who is the interviewer? He said, he is a psychologist. Confused me! Psychologist for an HR interview! Woo man what a company! I started digging my head about the book “human psychology”my mom used to read and I scolded her for her preaching’s. I wont ask him another question n scold myself. I was quiet which a prodigious task was for me.

After 3 long minutes I let myself in.. I closed the door with ease as did other people. Guys remember to do that, this reflects manners anta! 😛

So.. uma.. am sorry to make you wait.. he apologized. I stated at him with the sight of a psychologist in my mind.. oh no problem sir. I smiled at him.

Tell me about yourself he questioned,  trying to scribble with his pen on the paper.

Well sir, am a resident of vizag since 21 years, computers were my childhood ardor so am into cse. Along with coding, I do blog, write fiction, photography are my interesting activities, though the list is little lenthy. I even work as a free lancer writer for an ad agency since an year and started as  an writer in local magazine..

He starred at me attentively..

Oh.. cool.. what else you do along with your engineering..

I continued my ramayanam..:P and he listened as his first time..

He went back to my resume.. so uma, you mentioned in your resume that you are an event organizer.. what have you done..?

I acknowledged back few of my works, hopefully he must be overwhelmed to listen.

I have a question uma nidhi.

Yes sir go on.. I appreciated, thinking.. man.. were’t those questions you have been asking me?

Tell me a situation where you faced problem while organizing and how you solved it?

I told him a recent situation, happened in a coll fest.

Hmm, so your writing and language skills are far good, why didn’t you take writing as your profession ? he questioned.

Since I didn’t expect this, trying to be confident as I am used to these questions I said. Sir, yes of course writing is my passion, more than a hobby. But computers are like my “can’t live without living things”. That was the reason why am into this.

He glanced back to my resume again! He lifted high and asked with a know kuchipudi?

I said yes sir, have been learning it since 4 years,

Good.. he appreciated. I thought this old man likes kuchipudi, good for me.

After few questions he dumped on me, which were somthig like about family, expectations about life and what am I upto these days he ended up. With his last question, do you have any questions ?

Yes I did ask him couple of questions, I would say asking a question 1. About the company. 2. About what discussion went on during the interview is a good point. First would show your interest towards the company.(no matter if you aren’t interested, still you got to know just caz you are sitting in front of him). Secondly, that would show your attentiveness.

Thanks uma, you can leave now.

I gestured back. Nice talking to you sir. Good night.

I then understood the incredible fact that, I can eat something now and the scary fact that my interview went on for almost an hour and its 9 : 45pm. My day ended when I jumped on my princess bed. And let a big sigh. Later a week I knew I was IN and that I can be an infoscion if I want to be. 😛



P.S: drink a glass of water, preferably distilled 😛

11 thoughts on “INFOSYS INTERVIEW: who wants to be an infoscion ?

  1. Wonderful blog! I dont believe Ive seen all of the angles of this subject the way youve pointed them out. Youre a accurate star, a rock star man. Youve got so a lot to say and know so much about the subject that I think you ought to just teach a class about it…HaHa!

  2. I would like to thnkx for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I am hoping the same high-grade blog post from you in the upcoming as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own blog now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a good example of it.

    • faustino amodio, firstly i welcome a new guest into my blog readers 🙂 thanks for yur time and appreciation 🙂 do share your new blog i would be interested to have a look 🙂

  3. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am impressed! Very helpful information particularly the final section 🙂 I care for such information much. I used to be looking for this particular information for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

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