Google replacing the traditional libraries?

Just a ‘search’ click and you are million kilometers away from home. The ancient culture of traditional libraries, the antique scent of pages which have been flipped in many hands and the common place where we find ‘silence please’ on the walls is fading away with the sprouting of e-books and the internet giant google’s options.

The british library welcomes more than a million a year now signs with the google search deal where the periodicals, historic books, manuals, scripts etc are made available to the world with the discovery tool google books websites and the similar is with 40 other huge libraries in the world.  If technology today can bring life to the  ancient culture, indolent knowledge and world’s heritage which is opaque,  unreachable in the old racks due to no proper course to reach the masses then why go against the new ecosystem where you can find digitized data no matter where! How! And who you are?  Now who! asks to define the security issues.

Though technology has always stood in front for war or hug, the number of people especially 12-30 age groups holding ipad, iphone notebook, android for accessing more than 3 million eBooks have a greater proclivity than those who are interested in holding a book and flipping pages. Google though reduces the paper usage and is environment friendly in a way, it also does make us mechanical and fades memories and handwritings. If the uncomfortable cataloging practices, local interfacing in the libraries are reducing the inflow of people into the libraries, this is complementing the use of amazon and google books.

If the grandfather says its good to walk to the old library and find a book he is as much right as the grandson who says I have my ipad and google book store. All it matters is time, human interaction, accessibility and choices.


2 thoughts on “Google replacing the traditional libraries?

  1. Can u tell me 1 invention that the new Generation had found that was never know to the Old generation ….they used the old routine ways to know about stars and the earth …but we still the faster way to knowledge cannot know it clearly …….the reason the amount clarity or concentration we keep when we try to learn from ebooks or any new ways ……………

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