Should foreign universities be allowed to set up shops in India

High is 74.07% as India’s literacy rate but not educated rate. With many and yet to be established deemed universities like the IIT’s and IIM’s do we still need to worry about quality education? If the main aim of allowing foreign universities into India is to give birth to managers and scientists and improve educational sector and economy, the fact that only the rich can invest in foreign universities is neglected. The donations for the universities touch the stars. 480 public universities and 25000 UG colleges in India is a good news. There will be a problem with capacity of professors and academicians if doors are opened for foreign universities.

Optimistically but not practically foreign universities would bring quality education which can be analyzed from the numbers depict 100k in US and 60k Indians are studying abroad, more exposure and better curriculum. The investment from the foreign providers is estimated to be $11 million, would also improve the economy and global relationships but the point raises that most of the universities which might turn up are not the A class universities but low end colleges.  Moreover it is likely that those institutions can be corrupt with Indian bureaucracy.

Yes, it is fine until the shops are just shops and don’t convert into malls cause it is expected that from the present 12% it would reach 30% of students to pursue higher graduations in the next decade cause of which competition may increase with turning but also participation in Indian universities might decrease and somebody else will become rulers. Following a half open door policy with restrictions on the education system with respect to management, inflow of money and recruitment of the professors might help to solve the issue.



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