Novotel – A destination for everything and for everyone.

Many of my friends have pasted on my Facebook wall! Uma, with whom are you in Novotel ? (With a wink) Why you visiting Novotel everyday? (With a doubt) are you working for Novotel? (With a glare) Well… It has been my new destination in Visakhapatnam and why? Let me share with you the reel of Novotel Visakhapatnam.

The ever first time i saw the hotel huge and glamorous was during its construction. Ok!  Another hotel in the shore ready to hit the salty zephyr, I thought.  After few months, in just a wink of my eye, I have seen a giant beautiful and handsome. I don’t have a word. I idea of “every window in the hotel has a sea view” is amazing. Of course it’s true I found many other amazing things later.

It was during the international conference by Andhra university venue @ NVVB I got to meet the erudite and big shots. The huge convention halls and the pearl rooms are decorated like the mallya business meeting way! Loved it 😛 the peppermint’s board meeting, the first one was here 😀

I was pulled by sri lakshmi and deepthi that evening, distracting me to show something. I yelled, girls what? They were very excited to believe that the photographer will for sure sprout out of me when I visit the place. Good for them.

They actually needed a photographer and that’s why they needed me up stairs. I said WOW. The infinity pool! Again the next amazing idea, the brim of the pool meeting the horizon leads to ‘battery low’ blink on my Nikon D3100.

     Next comes the yellow yellow SQUARE. The place of dine and wine. I found the versatile, Asian, Indian and European food being served by handsome chefs. Thanks to sidh for his birthday treat. We touched everything. Though a veggie, I still had plethora of items to taste. Aww the chocolate ice creams. It feels great when somebody offers you to serve yourself the “ice cream” . Thanks man! , I thought. 😛 the pizza guy, who made on spot pizzas on the wooden ovens. They tasted better than the dominos.  The buffet asked me if I can break my diet for a day. And I said YES. the only thing I regretted was not tasting the wine. I wish I did.

The zaffran is my have to go place. It’s not for the delicious food or the beautiful sea view. But it’s for the candle light and the switch on romance curtains. And a propose scene too! 😛 if someone asks me what can be a best place to propose her. I would tell him to book all the tables in zaffran.

Just you and her. That would make her a day, no a year or may be a life.  It even has two private dining rooms. I wish to land up their soon with someone J

a view of vizag from terrace of novotel visakhapatnam

Damn!!! How can I miss to put down about the terrace! I could see the whole Vizag. The horizon, The Vizag’s sky and those beautiful zodiac signs at night. I was always accompanied by a security. Well that was needed for an over excited kiddo like me. What if I slip or hit myself to the transparent glass doors again!. I would anyway call, security!! Ahh! L 😛

by umanidhi


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