to my kameney dosto – bye’ing hyd mail :)


morning guys,

when i was kicked by my mom’s phone call she asked me about how you are going to pune, did you pack and what all are you taking. i said, Mom i shall have two more days left and for god’s sake it is 7 : 00 am. shall call you in the evening. but practically when i was really awake at 9:00 am, i remembered that i am going to leave hyderabad in two days and i did awesom things. sorry, i didnt tell yu, i got a project in pune and am leaving hyd πŸ™‚

though i have done many things, though i hit accenture glass walls, though i asked my manager the ‘not to be asked’ , though i have become a funny peice many times, though i cooked crap but still ate because ‘i made it’, though the day 1 in accenture scared me, though i felt consious in the beginning that many are watching me though i know no one is , photgraphs, letters, missing mom andΒ  everything was there some or the other time i spent in here. but most of all, i really missed THIS.

i missed to spend night outs with those fab 4 girls. πŸ™‚ udaya’s innocent smile. a big laugh with akhila for nothing.
and girls, himaja and i used to meet almost many times in here πŸ˜› we had fun πŸ™‚ and rahul. . . gosh! elaga unnaru sir. the HR.
manogna, missing her is forbidden. accenture office communicator is always there πŸ˜›
sri lakshmiiiiiiii: GIRL, heeyyy πŸ™‚
sainath: i miss your sattir’s sir. Mr OA. i still have yur name saved the same πŸ˜›
viney: you still come to madhapur for shopping? πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ hope hyd is treating you like KING πŸ˜›
sridevi: lady, haha when i typed your name here, i remembered your face when yu are scolding πŸ˜› how are you ? how is your bike πŸ˜›

dipika: aliveni πŸ˜› papa how are you ? how are your beautiful nails πŸ˜› and vizag ?
roopesh: hello sir πŸ™‚

naidu : heiii πŸ™‚

srini: hello πŸ™‚
phanindra: are you staying with viney? asalu elaga untunav , i mean how ? ? πŸ˜› !!!!!!!
gurava: hi, gurava reddy hope you are having fun at work. you got rakhi from udaya this time ? πŸ™‚
sarasu: akkaei!!! i got a news for yu :p
sabi: :D:D:D:D
arun: hey arun. hope yu are doing fine. the most sarcastic thig is, i have been talking to some guy called arun since 4 years thinking it is you.!!! god! i got to know today. so weird. i dnt have yur id ! please find this mail.
siri: asalu, guys you know what, siri has become more beautiful in hyd.
rakoti: hey madam πŸ™‚
sindhuja: this girl is busy with CISCO πŸ˜› how is it going on.
adi anna….. elaga unnav? ::)
pappu: heyooooooo!!!!!
sasi: :D:D have you put on weight ?
swathi……………………. HI πŸ™‚
pavan:Β  o range lo he is rocking hyd accenture. guys you wont believe we get mails saying PAVAN won this/ that ani πŸ˜›
sidh: where the hell are you? i remembred yu and gave a call and yu didnt pick. !
pathu: nee amma, enni email id’s unnae neku. edi TO address lo petalo ardam kaledu πŸ˜› how are you noodles, did your hair grow ? πŸ˜€ udaya, i miss to tease this girl with your company. πŸ˜›
deepthi::::: i am planning for a bacholer party, πŸ˜› what do you say :P:P:P

PS: forgive me spelling mistakes, akhila and himaja πŸ˜›
PSS: i really remembered you all today.Β 

lots of love πŸ™‚ sprinkling hyd air in my mail πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ can you smell chaiminar’s dust, madhapurs rush and muslim girls with surma..
gosh how can i forget , girlssss!!! try this surma this really is a beautiful thing to use for eyes. they look really attractive. πŸ™‚ i bought one πŸ˜›

PS:Β  those who arnt tagged in TO please make sure yu read my ‘miss you’ mail. πŸ™‚ i couldn find yur id’s 😦 but i know all your names since the day i wrote 10 times X 44 (shit, 44 is our strength right :/ gurava will yell at me if am wrong, see this girl dnt evn know our strength πŸ˜› sorry! :P) in gallery.

wait… did i tell you guys about roaming at 10 in hyderabad. forget about it. hyderabad is like. my mom’s home… asalu everything is CLOSED at 9 pm in my place. what T F. what shit will i roam in madhapur. GRRR!!!

ok.. last time πŸ˜›

PS : cyu guys.. bubububuye πŸ™‚ if you get some time to reply, please click REPLY all. i know some might not be interested in writing or reading my mahabaratam but am very sure one will love to see a mail from an old friend πŸ˜€ isnt it?

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