Will the ‘Da Da Ding’ ad sell Nike shoes?

In a country like India where there are underlined examples of gender inequality, Nike has coolly dealt it. It has presented the women of the country in a way the masses haven’t seen before. It isn’t the stereotyped women who takes pride in soft skin or rosy lips. She is strong and ambitious. She is bold and beyond.

With notable personalities in sports, Rani Rampal – hockey player, Jyoti Ann Burrett – football player, Ishita Malavia – surfer, and Bollywood star – Deepika Padukone and others. Nike joined hands with Wieden+Kennedy India and released this epic video. The ad highlights Indian women athletes running with the wind, boxing with all her strength in the muscle and playing cricket with zeal. With 3.7 million views in less than a month, the video has exploded in YouTube. The ad is designed to promote Nike+ Training Club Live events and Nike+ Run Club session registrations.

An ad loses 60% of the viewers in 2 minutes. Nike risked it for 2:52 seconds. Though it is really huge the ad has left its viewers inspired to replay. The video is released just a month before the commencement of the Olympic games. It is a clever stand. Deepika Padukone is subtly used with equal screen space. Adding her reasonably depicts that every other woman can be an athlete.

For Nike, sport is a smartest way of building an identity. It surely has sent out the message, indeed inspiring many young women out there to try sports, to try Nike. Thanks for reminding the spirit in Indian women.



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