The cheap pleasure

‘In many ways, I don’t understand, I listen to you, watch you and miss you. There is certain silliness in this uncertainty. I never wanted you to know I am vulnerable, but then you noticed me. Noticed the meager me though you knew my shadow will follow you forever’

Cheap pleasure being your alter ego

‘I wanted you to be the star that colors my twilight sky. I wanted you to be the cloud that showers on my naked body, but who are you? Fate said if it’s pain that is hovering around, I shall not kiss you goodbye unless you suffer like a solitary soul. Dreams are something so close to me. Only in my dreams, you love me back.’

Cheap pleasure living in dreams.

‘I spread my wings and you sculptured me, the whole of me. I was your clay and your desire. The dawn has brought the rain, and I gleamed in the wet. You stood there with an almost breathless adoration, thought its beauty. I flooded away with your fingerprints disappearing from my skin. So did you in no time.’

Cheap pleasure in the death we shared.

‘The frivolous expectations of romance, a story that can be the tale always cherished by every heart that feels amazed about love. But then, it is alright not to be loved back. It is ok to let go the love of your life and you can move on not being the amazing partner of a passionate lover and yet you are blessed. Because most of them don’t even know love exists.’

Cheap pleasure letting you go.


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