KPI and its five fingers.

How does a company calculate its performance? Is there a measurement between performance and strategic goal? KPI, said the CMO. These are a set of quantifiable and qualitative measures also known as Key Performance Indicators. Every organization has its own criteria to set its KPI. Customer loyalty, net revenue, new customers, reach, impressions or anything…Read more KPI and its five fingers.

Will the ‘Da Da Ding’ ad sell Nike shoes? In a country like India where there are underlined examples of gender inequality, Nike has coolly dealt it. It has presented the women of the country in a way the masses haven’t seen before. It isn’t the stereotyped women who takes pride in soft skin or rosy lips. She is strong and ambitious. She…Read more Will the ‘Da Da Ding’ ad sell Nike shoes?

China GDP tumbles. All is not well.

The world’s second largest economy is losing its velocity. A series of deceleration in the reserve ratio, interest rates, property sector rates, and stock market capital value have been the reasons for the growth pillars of China to tumble. Economists feel that the unemployment problem may add to this slowdown if the GDP rate remains…Read more China GDP tumbles. All is not well.

Coffee at office is propitious?

Start up informal coffee gathering’s are replacing the Multinational companies boardroom discussions. Why is this drift? People open up more, tend to disagree, come up with new ideas and present their suggestions in an informal environment, whereas in a boardroom the staff tends to go with the verdict of the lead. Practically this is advantageous…Read more Coffee at office is propitious?

Advertising is legally lying!

  Het it’s “FREE”, is what attracts 41.8% of Indian population below poverty line and of course middle class livelihood. Media in the form of newspapers, television and radio’s are the highly used means of advertising with the sole aim of making money plus development. Facebook and online advertising has  taken an improvement of 23%…Read more Advertising is legally lying!

Should foreign universities be allowed to set up shops in India

High is 74.07% as India’s literacy rate but not educated rate. With many and yet to be established deemed universities like the IIT’s and IIM’s do we still need to worry about quality education? If the main aim of allowing foreign universities into India is to give birth to managers and scientists and improve educational…Read more Should foreign universities be allowed to set up shops in India