Beauty – my definition!

Thesaurus defines beauty as physical attractiveness, Merriam defines beauty as  a pleasurable feeling which exalts mind and spirit. how does you define beauty? being beautiful, elegant, splendid, eye catching...why does one want to look beautiful? is it caz we want every eyes on us, or beauty is a jargon used by layman to satisfy his critical heart ? it was in the hard ,tough,wrinkled  hands…Read more Beauty – my definition!

perfect! is just a word !

Since my 19 years i have been searching for everything perfect ,perfect toys, perfect knowledge, perfect room, perfect friend, perfect everything, but nothing in this world is perfect! nothing! read this again! NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT! am i right? when we start searching for things which are perfect! we lose many around which…Read more perfect! is just a word !